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'Til Death do us


 they popped the question, you said 

 yes, now you actually have to plan a


 like, thank gods, finally! 

      but also… ahhhh! 

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the Twilight wedding since 2011. Maybe you have a binder filled with all of your 8 year old self's ideas of "The Perfect June Wedding" Or maybe you literally haven't had a single thought of what you want your wedding to look like. 

Either way, you've come to the right place.

I will be there to tell you not to throw rice because it's bad for the birds, or to make sure that your DJ plays the correct song while you walk down the aisle.  I'll be there to tie your bowtie and fluff your dress.

Are you ready to plan the party of your dreams?




100% you

Wedding Management

Day-Of Coordination isn't a dirty word. Just not quite the right one.

Full-Service planning

We are there for you from start to finish. From engagement ring to wedding ring. Pilot to Finale.

Wedding Coaching

For the independent, frugal couple. Needs a little help, wants to do

all the work. Non contract, billed hourly.

Hi! I'm Abbey.

Owner, Operator, Planner Extraordinaire here at Abbey Rose Events.

I am known for planning and coordinating the coolest weddings for new-fashioned + non-traditional couples.

I primarily serve the greater Portland area, but am available for weddings and parties all over the PNW + beyond.


I encourage you to be yourselves. I will be your biggest cheerleader, your closest ally, and I can’t promise we won't become best friends along the way…


“What are the main aspects that a great wedding/event planner needs? Trust and creativity - Abbey has that and THEN SOME! Abbey will make you feel like you’ve been friends for life, while killing it when it comes to finding new ways to be creative; while also staying true to yourself as an individual and as a couple. No matter day or night when I had to rant or couldn’t think of which champagne glass to choose - she was there! I cant tell you how many dark never ending spin-outs I had and she was there to drag me out and see clarity and calmness, haha. She's your calm in the storm and will blow your mind with her creativity! 11/10 :)”

-Ally Farrar-LaPointe

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