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about our team

Like many people, 2020 taught me that you can't wait for the "right time" because you'll be waiting forever. So, I hopped on the small business bandwagon and I never looked back. Now I'm the Owner, Operator, and Planner Extraordinaire here at Abbey Rose Events! Creating and Celebrating magic is what I love to do. (Other than Netflix and Ice Cream...). 

More about me? I was born and raised here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm an avid crafter, and plant enthusiast. My favorite show is Supernatural, and I consume enough coffee to put Loreli Gilmore to shame.




(Also known as: Z, ZZ, or ZZ top)
Z is probably the kindest person you will ever meet and the best friend you will ever have. She loves butterflies and has an unhealthy obsession with target swimsuits. New-ish to the wedding industry but is here to love and learn with the rest of us. 

She works at a local coffee shop during the week and works weekends at Brides For a Cause(if you don't know what that is, and also love thrifting, RUN!) 

When she is not working her ass off at her jobs, reading, spending time with her partner Phill and pup Zeke, or scrolling insta, she is probably jetsetting off to somewhere tropical without us.


POV: you're getting married!

  • You love a good party, but you are better at attending than you are planning.

  • You think there is no such thing as too many cocktails or coffee(or maybe cannabis!)

  • You've looked through billions of planner and vendor websites and nothing seems to quite fit your vibe. You're looking for a person to help you find all the right people (I know all the places to look!)

  • You're looking for someone to DIY with that can also  offer alternatives when your ideas don’t fit your budget.

  • You wanna say screw tradition and elope on a mountain at this point in your planning.

  • You want you and your family to enjoy your awesome party, not worry about why the cupcakes aren't here on time.

  • You understand that little things can go wrong, but you also don't even want to know that it is happening.

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