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 The Whole Enchilada  - $2200

Full-service planning

You’re engaged! Now, what? You don’t know where to start looking. Venues, flowers, DJ vs. Band, table settings, HELP! This Full-Service Planning package includes unlimited email communication throughout entire planning process, an Abbey Rose Rockstar vendor list tailored to your budget and needs, vendor contact and communication, budget assistance and tracking, Planning and coordination of Wedding Rehearsal, Full wedding design experience, 12 hours of wedding day coverage, Privately Trained Assistant

 A hand to hold  - $1600

Wedding Management

You’ve done most of the hard work. You're ready to party and have a vision but need help pulling it all together. This package includes 6 months of unlimited email, an Abbey Rose Rockstar vendor list, rehearsal, 12 hours of Wedding Day coverage, Privately Trained Assistant. This package does not include budget assistance, or venue search assistance.

 Can I pick your Brain?  - $60/HR

Wedding coaching

Wedding coaching is a service designed with you in mind. You already know what you want your wedding to look like, feel like, but could use a little advice on how to bring your vision to life. You want to focus on what really matters to you (and your sig other), but you want somebody to share your wedding ideas and goals with, without judgement or unsolicited opinions. You want to connect with an industry expert who will celebrate and support you. You’re on a specific budget, one that doesn’t include a planner.

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Do you offer day of coordination?  i just need someone to come and set stuff up.

to put it simply, no. I love that you have spent time preparing and getting everything organized and ready, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a wedding. Your Wedding Planner should be someone experienced, and in the industry. (Not just a friend.)


Like many industries, experience comes at a higher cost. On your wedding day, you AND those closest to you deserve to relax, enjoy the day, and CELEBRATE YOU. My team and I will be there from set up to tear down. Literally. We are prepared for everything; and I do mean everything, you should see my emergency kit. We will be there to insure that it is absolutely, 100%, the best day of your life.

do you travel to __________ {insert city or place here}?

While most of our work is here in the PNW, we will happily travel wherever your love takes you. Mountain top? Deal. Backyard? Been there, done that, it was awesome. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean on a ship officiated by a Pirate Captain in period accurate costumes? WHERE THE HECK DO I SIGN UP?!

We welcome destination weddings and crazy ideas anywhere in the world!! No idea is too "out there". I'm here to help you create your dream day, no matter the location. 

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